Agent design and build

Pre-built Agents

We have an extensive library of pre-built agents, ready to use in shots.

  • Human agent collection include a variety of character types to cover most scenarios, from populating generic spaces, such as shopping malls and streets, to stadium agents to fighting agents able to simulate full scale battles.
  • Creature agents can crawl, fly and have flocking behavior. they include Horses, Horse and Carts, insects and birds etc.
    They can create large swarms & murmuration, are able to interact with surfaces or occupy 3d volume in space
  • Vehicle agents which are perfect for populating large city scenes.
    Agents include cars trucks and busses etc.
    These agents obey traffic rules and come ready to use with driver & passengers.

Custom Agents

If you need a specialized agent, not covered by our pre-built stock, we can create agents for you.

This includes any motion capture and we are able to integrate your geometry and/or animations if required too.
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