We understand how crowd shots can be critical to your production. We also understand that finding a Crowd Artist or TD is not always easy. Particularly with high end VFX schedules, recruiting knowledgeable crowd staff can be a challenge.

We propose a new approach; let us do the heavy lifting on your crowd shots

Vast industry experience coupled with the latest technology for crowd automation, we can complete your entire shots & sequences in a fraction of the time it takes to recruit/train, develop and deliver internally.

We can help at every step of the way, from bidding & previs layouts, Agent design, motion capture, shot simulation right through to final delivery
We can also offer additional services such as consultancy, support and training covering all the major crowd solutions.

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One of the biggest challenges in creating crowd shots is building high quality Agents for your simulations.
Storm Crowd Factory can provide complete and ready to use Agents

We have a library of characters for most crowd scenarios including:

  • General citizens – Perfect for populating scenes quickly. These agents can walk, talk, interact and behave naturally in different environments
  • Stadium – Fill your arena with different supporting teams. Contemporary and period characters with complete spectator behaviors.
  • Soldier – Full combative agent for battle scenes. Roman or medieval soldiers, knights, archers, fighting and destruction
  • Horse & Rider – often used in conjunction with Soldier agents. Can be used as cavalry, lone rider or with carts and chariots etc.
  • Creatures – Collections of non human agents such as birds, insects etc
  • Vehicles – Cars, trucks, bikes, boats etc all able to obey traffic rules and come ready to use with driver & passengers.

Agents are compatible with all major crowd software

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We offer extensive on or off site consultancy for all major crowd software including

  • Atoms
  • Golaem
  • Houdini
  • Massive

We can provide help with all aspects of crowd simulations, Agent design, pipeline integration and training.

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