Let Storm Crowd Factory create your crowd shots


Designing and simulating crowds is an involved process, usually requiring dedicated artists and/or technical directors as well as expensive software.
Storm Crowd Factory is able to produce stunning crowd shots which fit seamlessly into your production.

We can integrate with all the major crowd simulation software and provide you with complete scenes for the major packages (Atoms, Houdini, Massive, Golaem etc) and/or final rendered frames ready for compositing.

We can work with existing studio assets, provide our pre-built Agents or create custom characters for your show.

It’s like having a virtual crowd team in your studio

Initial Asset Planning

Before working the shots, we need to decide on Agents.

We can provide generic pre-built agents, or we can receive custom assets from you and we build agents based on this.

If required we can also provide an example skeleton hierarchy, with which you can skin your own geometry.

Agent building

Once the base character is created, then we need to add the behaviours.
These can be: custom motion capture, animations provided to us or from our library of pre-built actions
Next we will build up the agent to be able to perform all the actions needed for the shot, sequence and project.

Shot Building

Now we have our working agents, we can build up the shots
Typically we would work with your shot cameras and at least stripped down terrain geometry for placing the characters on
Next we will simulate the shots until they meet the required behaviour
Each iteration is provided to you for review.

Final Delivery

Once the performance of the crowd is approved, we can deliver the shot back to you

This delivery can include:

Source scene file for any of the major crowd software packages

Simulation files

Rendered Frames (Beauty and compositing passes)