Crowds are a vital addition to high quality VFX and CG shots

At Storm Crowd Factory our consultancy services support your current and future crowd projects. Our experienced team will understand your production needs and can help advise on a wide range of crowd related tasks, from software choices to pipeline integration and troubleshooting.

Storm Crowd Factory can offer professional unbiased advice. We are not affiliated with any crowd software vendor, so are able to offer truly impartial help tailored specifically to your needs.


We offer a variety of options to access our services, from Email and Web-based communication to on-site visits.

We offer secure and reliable services for your communications and project assets, which are available to you 24/7


Proven industry experience and a deep understanding of production workflows, we are ideally placed to offer you the best solutions.

We have experience of all major crowd solutions.

We can offer help with implementation, development and troubleshooting of crowd shots and/or agents