Pre-Built library or Custom Agents


Human agent collections include a variety of character types

Included are agents to cover most type of scenarios, from populating generic spaces such as shopping malls and streets, to fighting agents able to attack as well as marching in formation etc.


Collection of agents such as birds and animals.

Creature agents can crawl,fly and have flocking behaviours.
They can create large swarms, able to interact with surfaces or occupy 3d volume in space


Our agents are not just limited to humans or creatures.
Also available are vehicle agents which are perfect for populating large city scenes.
Agents include cars trucks and busses etc.

These agents obey traffic rules and come ready to use with driver & passengers.


If you need a specialized agent, not covered by our pre-built stock, we can create agents for you.

This includes any motioncapture and we are able to integrate your geometry and/or animations if required too.
Please contact us below for a quote